Frequently Asked Questions - NIL

What is NIL?

Since July 1, 2021, Illinois’ Student-Athlete Endorsement Rights Act allows student-athletes to enter commercial contracts to obtain compensation in exchange for various activities involving the use of their Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) or voice.  Student-athletes may enter contracts to appear for autograph signings, to advertise products, work with local school or youth organizations, post personalized video greetings, and other such activities. These activities cannot be administered or brokered through the university.  Home of the Brave serves to liaise between the student-athletes and potential NIL opportunities.

Is Home of the Brave affiliated with Bradley University?

No.  While Home of the Brave was created exclusively for the benefit of Bradley student-athletes and fans, it is not affiliated with Bradley University. 

Are you supporting other sports?

Not at this time.

Are you able to sign recruits to NIL deals?

No.  Home of the Brave welcomes the opportunity to work with the student-athletes once they have officially signed with Bradley University.

I’d like to create an NIL deal for a player to represent my business. Can you help with that?‍

Yes. Home of the Brave can facilitate these types of opportunities. Please contact info@hotbrave.com for more information.

‍Am I able to make a one-time contribution?‍

Yes, you can make a one-time donation by clicking here.

How can I join Home of the Brave?‍

You can join by clicking here.

‍What is the best way to keep up with Home of the Brave?

While we send out periodic emails to our members, our Twitter and Instagram pages are the best way to obtain the most current information about Home of the Brave and our student-athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions - Memberships

Is my membership fee tax deductible?

No. Our membership fees are the equivalent of membership dues for any other type of social club and are not tax deductible.

Do I get any Bradley basketball ticket benefits? How does this impact my Braves Club/Bradley Scholarship Society membership?

No.  Home of the Brave is not affiliated with Bradley University, and membership with Home of the Brave does not impact your season tickets, Braves Club, or Bradley Scholarship Society membership.

What percentage of our membership fees go to student-athletes?

We will target approximately 85-90%; however this number may vary year over year. The establishment and management of this group is currently being done on a pro bono basis.  Our operational costs are currently our only expense; expenses include but are not limited to IT, marketing materials, content creation, member engagement experiences, and business management activities such as legal and tax filings.  Any unused funds for the current fiscal year will be rolled over to the following year with the goal of increasing compensation for our student-athletes. 

Are all contracts the same? Is the money divided up equally?

No. The contracts may vary based on the specific student-athlete and the requirements of the athlete under contract. 

Are the contracts exclusive with Home of the Brave?

No. The contracts are intentionally not exclusive. Part of what signing a contract with Home of the Brave offers our student-athletes is the opportunity to network with other potential NIL partners, and we encourage our student-athletes to seek out these opportunities.

Are there different levels of membership?‍

Yes there are! You can view the membership tiers by clicking here.

What happens if an athlete transfers or otherwise leaves the program?

The agreements are limited in time and scope to provide protection for member funds in the situation where an athlete may transfer, or no longer participates in the athletic program. The agreements can’t be canceled, but we structure the agreements to minimize these risks.